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Ladakh is a part of Jammu & Kashmir State situated in North of India consisting twine districts Leh and Kargil. It is a mountainous desert. This region is separated from rest of the State by high mountains crosses through various passes at points. The topography of the region is mountainous with little or no vegetation. The mountains are of sedimentary rocks and are in process of disintegration due to weathering. The terrain being hilly, available land for agriculture is meager. Being short summer, only one crop of local grim and wheat is grown.

A major part of population of this region i.e; 95% lives in villages and their main source of livelihood are agriculture, horticulture and live stock as in the rest of the state.

The agricultural and horticultural products have highly nutritive value and health beneficial. But the products and the prices of these crops since long have remained stagnant. As a result Kacho Jaffar Khan (Kharpa) R/o Wakha (Kargil) alongwith his sympathizer as Lead Consultant, dreamer, initiator, negotiator and organizer initiated a food processing unit in Ladakh (J&K) under the name and style of “Ms Ladakhi foods Pvt.Ltd” for the creation of different variety of Ladakhi foods from the region’s agricultural and horticultural products as ready drink and eat items etc.

After examined by different national level food experts and their lab results, it has been came out that the Ladakhi agricultural and horticultural products contains more nutritive value and health benefits as compare to other agricultural and horticultural products of India.

As a result, by installing this kind of food processing unit in Ladakh, jobs to the people of Ladakh region can be provided with par pecuniary benefits as per their efficiencies, qualifications and it can also help to avoid adulteration and piracy in the region.
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